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"Lao She, China's Master Storyteller"
ISBN: 0-9678811-0-2

Life and Times of the 20th century's finest storyteller. A man who believed in the outsider, the dispossed, and the down-trodden people. Even in translation in a dozen languages, he tells compelling stories.

For more on this great writer click on Lao She Collection in the upper right hand corner of this page. Voted by Chinese around the world as the greatest writer in Chinese in the 20th century.

Lao She, China's greatest 20th century writer, favored love and justice, while ridiculing those seeking only status and position. He wrote with emotion and humor about the urban underprivileged. Born into a poor Manchu home, he knew what the masses of his beloved China suffered. His works pleaded for human dignity, justice and mercy -- none of which he received from the infamous Red Guards of China's tragic Clutural Revolution days.

He said he was not a novelist, yet his novel Rickshaw Boy has been translated into a dozen languages and made into several films. He refused to be called a dramatist, though his play Teahouse is a masterpiece still in prodution after 43 years. He claimed only to be a "teller of tales, a storyteller."

Get your copy of this only book in English on Lao She's life and work. Preface by Lao She's son and daughter.

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