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The Amity Printing Press, located in a suburb of Nanjing, China, celebrated the printing of its 30 millionth Bible on December 11, 2002.

The Press now boasts of having some of the most sophisticated printing equipment in China and a staff of 280.

Meeting the need for Bibles among Chinese Christians remains the primary goal of the printing press and a major challenge given the rapid growth in numbers.

A good friend of the Towerys, Wang Weifan, a faculty member at the Nanjing Union Seminary, said in a press release: "For Chinese Christians, the Bible is more precious than their lives. In Wenzhou, Christians circulated handwritten copies of the Bible during the Cultural Revolution [1966-1976] when Bibles were prohibited."

Today the Amity Printing Company produces close to two million Bibles a year and is disseminated through 70 Bible distribution centers throughout China. This kind of information seldom gets to the churches of America. There is no need for Bible smuggling. See Towery article on that on aniother page.

In a joint-project with the United Bible Societies of the world and the China Christian Council the Amity Press went into Bible production in 1986 outside the city of Nanjing. During 1996 alone 3.5 million Chinese Bibles were printed in Nanjing and shipped to "house churches" and those with church buildings. There is no longer any need for Bible smugglers to carry on their work. Bible smugglers merely make the government officials suspect the churches of ties to the West once again. Communist leaders still think Western Christianity is tied to Western nations imperialistic desires to control China.

We in the West know this is a false premise. It is good for the churches of China to show the Communist leaders that the churches are not dependent on the West nor desire to be used by the West. Chinese Christians are thankful for the foundations the foreign missionaries planted but for the past forty-five years, and for the future, the Chinese themselves must win their own people. In the last 20 years they have reached far more people for Christ than was ever thought possible back in the missionary era (1807-1950).

The Amity Press is but one part of the work of the Chinese Christian- initiated Amity Foundation. Under the able leadership of Dr. Han Wenzao Amity has opened opened opportunities for foreign Christians to teach English, German and Japanese in universities across the land. Stephen Ting, with a Masters degree from Columbia Univesity in New York, and teacher at Nanjing University the teaching program continues to help many students both spiritually and educationally.

Amity programs offer basic health care providers in rural areas and show by example that Christians can be some of the best citizens China has ever had. Dr. Han was elected President of the China Christian Council (CCC) in January 1997 and continues to do the work of at least three people. Now "retired," this remarkable man of faith and integrity, will never really retire. We used to sit and talk about it, but I could tell he would not be resting or slowing down. The Vice President of the CCC in 1997 was a fine preacher and son of a Suzhou preacher, Rev. Bao Jiayuan.

A 1997 documentary will Inform and Inspire as it introduces Amity work in several areas, including Tibet.

"AKA MANBA" is an exciting introduction to Amity (available in English in both PAL and NTSC fromat) that tells the story of a Tibetan monk and doctor. "Aka" is the Tibetan term for Buddhist monk. "Manba" means medicine man or doctor. This is the story of one such person from the Oinghai Province in northwestern China. He is one of over 8000 village doctors who have been trained in recent years by the Amity Foundation. This ten-minute film can be purchased for US$10. or HK$50. (including airmail postage) from The Amity Foundation, Overseas Office, 13/F, Ultragrace Commercial Building, 5 Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, E-mail: amityhk@pacific.net.hk. Make checks payable to The Amity Foundatioin, Hong Kong, Ltd. Order by phone: (852-2723-8011); fax: (852-2366-2769) or E-mail:

Another couple of documentaries that will bless any gathering are:

"Winter Is Past" The SBC Foreign Mission Board (now IMB) made this 30-minute film in 1984. This film was first shown at the 1985 SBC annual meeting in Georgia. If you can't find a video copy, contact Britt Towery, <britt.tao@verizon.net> and you can borrow one from him. Same goes for the other video:

"China: Walls and Bridges" an hour documentary produced through the old SBC Radio and TV Commission in cooperation with the ABC-TV national network. This project was brainchild of Dr. Jimmy R. Allen, prominent Baptist leader and statesman. These films let the Chinese Christians speak for themselves of the ups and downs of the last half of the 20th century.


{short description of image}The Overseas Office of the Amity Foundation is in Hong Kong. Click the highlighted "Amity Foundation" and write them, or go to their web page The Amity Foundation The Amity News Service web site began in October 1996 with Claudia Oblau as editor. The Oblaus have returned to Germany but others continue the good work. Ms. Fiedler edits the newsletter and Theresa Carino is the Hong Kong Office coordinator along with an able staff. To go to the web site --Amity News Service.

Among Southern Baptists the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship offers great opportunities to teach English in short summer terms in all areas of China. E-mail: David & Ann Wilson: <David.Ann.Wilson@centurytel.net >

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